Speaker Bio

George Marquisos is a Managing Director at the Chicago Infrastructure Trust (CIT). In this role, he works collaboratively with City departments and sister agencies to oversee the procurement, design, and implementation of transformative public infrastructure projects. Recently, Mr. Marquisos was the point person for the Chicago Smart Lighting Project. The CIT, in partnership with the City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District, led the Chicago Smart Lighting project, an ambitious outdoor lighting modernization program whose goal is to improve the quality and reliability of Chicago’s outdoor lighting. The 4-year project contains three primary components: (i) large-scale LED conversion (ii) city-wide lighting management system, and (iii) targeted lighting infrastructure repairs.

Mr. Marquisos has over 20 years of project management experience across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. He has extensive expertise in managing infrastructure projects through the complete range of project phases; spanning from strategic planning, feasibility analysis, design development, construction management, all the way through user training and project close-out.

Prior to joining CIT, Mr. Marquisos served as a Senior Project Manager for Arcadis and then with the Public Building Commission of Chicago; primarily responsible for managing energy efficiency and technology projects. Among other projects he led the Retrofit One Project, part of Retrofit Chicago.

Mr. Marquisos holds a degree in Economics from Northwestern University, and has completed multiple post-grad certificate programs related to construction management, architecture/design, and sustainability.