How COVID-19 changed the way we work and thoughts on re-entry

May 26, 2020
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
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May 26, 2020

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8 weeks or 20 weeks, (who's counting) of work from home and we are starting to look at reopening. What are the lessons learned in how we work and how do we keep the best practices?

During this webinar we will hear the thoughts from an Architect, Lighting Designers, and Electrical Contractor on the most major impacts of how we previously did business and what we anticipate for the future. This conversation will focus on business in Chicago area, but lessons learned will be universal.


Gwen Grossman -
Gwen Grossman Lighting Design
Steve Mulligan -
Gibson Electric & Technology Services
David Rasche -
Valerio DeWalt Train Architects
Rachael Stoner -


Justin Castellano